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INFO Systems test 3

1) Well managed organizations that _____ are critical, complex and dynamic. A. Business processes
B. Informations systems
C. Boundaries
D. Function
2) The first step in a business process management is to A. Create components
B. Implement processes
C. Create a model
D. Assess results
3) In the diagram, the rounded rectangles refer to:
A. Decisions
B. Data
C. Activities
D. Facilities
E. None
4) The type of diagram shown is called:
A. A standard, as-is process diagram
B. A race-lane layout model
C. A high-level subassembly
D. A swim-lane layout model
E. None
5) In this diagram, the stone vendor and stone fabricator are: A. resources
B. equipment
C. Facilities
D. Data flows
E. None
6) Processes involving activies within a single department are called______ processes A. Departmental
B. Functional
C. Cross-functional
D. Interorganizational
E. Minimal
7) The most difficult business process scope to manage is A. Departmental
B. Functional
C. Cross-functional
D. Interorganizational
E. Maximal

8) When a business process is determined to have poor performance, the firm should always A. add more resources to the process
B. Evaluate the cost of adding resources relative to the value added C. Assign different people to the process
D. Employ more supervisors to make people work harder
E. Outsource the process
9) Information systems are important to business processes because A. They implement business process activities
B. They give people the ability to check their email
C. They give people social networking applications
D. A and b
E. All of um
10) Jackson enterprises sells online directly to the environmental protection agency. Jackson is engaging in ________ e-commerce. A. b2b
B. b2c
C. b2g
D. b2e
11) Companies that take possession of goods they sell are A. e-commerce companies
B. merchant companies
C. B2b Companies
D. Nonmerchant companies
12) E-commerce improves efficiency for the buyer by:
A. Eliminating middle layers in the supply chain
B. Offering price comparisons
C. Eliminating or reducing shipping expenses
D. Avoiding sales tax
E. All the above improve efficiency for the buyer
13) Which of the following is not a characteristic of a non-merchant ecommerce company? A. Do not own the goods
B. Arrange for purchase and sale
C. Sell services for others
D. Sell their own services
14) The side effects of e-commerce include all the following, EXCEPT: A. Increased sales
B. Disintermediation
C. Awareness of price elasticity
D. Improved price information

15) Which of the following economic factors does not disfavor e-commerce A. Channel conflict
B. Price conflict
C. Logistics expense
D. Customer service expense
E. All the above factors disfavor e-commerce
16) You choose to use e-commerce to buy an MP3 player directly from the manufacturer rather than from a traditional retail electronics store. This is an example of: A. Disintermediation
B. Channel conflict
C. Price conflict
D. Price elasticity
E. B2B e-commerce
17) When HP computers began to sell directly to the public, some retailers resented the competition and dropped the HP lines from their stores. This is an example of _______ A. Price conflict

B. Channel conflict
C. Logistics expense
D. Price elasticity
18) ___________ is the most common language used to develop web pages A. HTTP
D. Web 2.0
19) All the following are characteristics of Google’s “software as a service” except A. Perpetual beta versions
B. Revenue from sale of software licenses
C. Viral marketing
D. Product value increases with use
E. Organic interface
20) When...
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