Ideal Mate Theory

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How to Plan a Day Care Budget

The U. S. Census Bureau reports that between 2005 and 2007 more than 50 percent of husbands and wives in married families both work. This large parental workforce places a demand on parents and communities to provide day care facilities for children. With the right interpersonal skills and business acumen, you can operate a successful day care. Creating a workable budget is a crucial first step.

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Build Your Budget

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Use a spreadsheet to create your line-item budget. Type expenditure category items down the left side of the spreadsheet. For example, type "Licenses and Permits," "Office Furniture," "Sleeping Mats" and "Salaries" for category names. Next to each category record the estimated costs for each item.

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Figure in licenses and permits. Check with your city's department of licenses to identify costs associated with filing child care licenses and building permits. Child care licensing fees typically range from $25 to $50. Building registration zoning permit costs are listed with your local zoning department. Business and electrical permits cost about $100 each. Electrical building permits are generally only needed if you have to install electricity; the permits cost about $200. Record each of these expenses on your line item budget. If your local zoning department requires you to renew a license annually, factor these recurring costs into your budget.

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Estimate equipment costs. Spend a day checking prices for equipment at superstores and children's day care furniture discount retailers. Choose the least...
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