Answers to Question 4 for Diploma in Childcare Services in Australia

Topics: Certificate, Caregiver, Diploma Pages: 4 (907 words) Published: November 28, 2010
4. Planning, delegating, organisational process


StationaryApprox $20 per week totalling $1040 yearly
MaterialsApprox $40 per week totalling $2080 yearly
FoodApprox $100 per week totalling $5200 yearly
Cleaning SuppliesApprox $30 per week totalling $ 1560 yearly Building maintenance ( including cleaners, gardeners)Approx $80 per week totalling $4160yearly Electricity billApprox $900 per quarter totalling approx $3600 yearly Water billApprox $300 per quarter totalling approx $1200 yearly Petty cashApprox $100 per week totalling approx $5200 yearly Nappies / wipes / toiletriesApprox $150 per week totalling approx $7800 yearly Other suppliesApprox $50 per week totalling approx $ 2600 yearly MiscellaneousApprox $50 per week totally approx $ 2600 yearly TOTAL:Approx $ 37,040

2. Staff requirements (based on 2004 Docs regulations staff: child ratios) and including ancillary staff. - Nursery room: 1 caregiver to 5 children
- Toddler room: 1 caregiver to 8 children
-Preschool room: 1 caregiver to 10 children

The service is a 29 place long day care centre, operating 48 weeks of the year. The children include: five 0-2 year olds so this room would need 1 carer, eight 2-3 year olds this room would also need 1 carer. Sixteen 3-5 year olds would need 2 carers. I would also have 1 to 2 extra staff to cover sick leave, holiday leave, maternity leave and days off that FT staff may take.

3. The nursery staff would need to be diploma qualified only one staff is necessary according to the regulations. The toddler room would also need 1 carer this person can be a certificate III qualified according to the regulations. For the preschool room they would need 2 carers one can be the preschool room leader who would be qualified Diploma and the assistant that would have a certificate III

Nursery Staff wages: Step 1 Advanced CCW Diploma permanent part time, 40hrs @ $18.17 = $726.8 per week ($37,793.6 per year) Toddler staff wages: Step 1 CCW...
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