Information System at Restaurant

Topics: Business process reengineering, Management, Decision theory Pages: 8 (2696 words) Published: December 7, 2011
MODEL PAPER MBF203 Management Information Systems (4 Credits) Group A: 1 Marks Questions (Question Number 1-40) Group B: 2 Marks Questions (Question Number 41-60) Group C: 4 Marks Questions (Question Number 61-75) Full Marks: 140 Please Answer All Questions – Only One Option is Correct Group A 1 The texts and ____________in electronic forms are effective in communicating ideas from source to destination. a) Ideas b) Representations c) Images d) Graphics 2 MIS helps in identifying a proper mechanism of ____________ of data. a)storage b)distribution c)collection d)elimination 3 Some of the processes like artificial intelligence, generating management related information, providing aid in decision making, necessary support systems, and executive information system are the classification of MIS a) Functionality b)Utility c)area of application d)processing type 4 A information is easy to process further. a) Management b) Unstructured c) Structured d) Generated

5 The is automated to work on the knowledge based data and information required in a particular domain of management activity.

a) Transaction processing systems b) Knowledge based systems c) On line analytical processing systems d) Executive information systems 6 ____ refers to a system in which there are predefined multiple instances of various modules used in business applications. a) Transaction processing systems b) Knowledge based systems c) On line analytical processing systems d) Executive information systems 7 It is a system developed as model which are representative of real world cases. a) TPS b) DSS c) KBS d) OOS 8 A complete business systems requires models from three different perspectives – State model, interaction model and _____ model. a) entity b) global c) data d) class 9 Under Porter's framework, enterprises have four generic strategies available to them whereby they can attain above-average performance. They are cost focus, differentiation, focus differentiation and _______ . a) objective leadership b) price leadership c) point leadership d) cost leadership 10 Business process redesign is part of the revolutionary level which involves more thorough revaluation of the enterprise _____and the production process. a) value chain b) efficiency c) issues d) network

11 _______ involves reconfiguration of the scope and tasks of the business network. a) Business network redesign b) Business process redesign

c) Business process enterprise d) Business network enterprise 12 ____ and Internal Integration are the two levels belonging to the evolutionary levels. a) business scope rdefinition b) business network redesign c) business process redesign d) localized exploitation 13 The process in which the existing system in the organization is totally reexamined and radically modified for incorporating the latest technology is known as _____. a) business process re-engineering b) change management c) changing technology d) redesigning 14 ______ helps in reorganization of the entire work force along with various flows, minimizing the wastages, and giving the system a new dimension. a) business product redefinition b) business process reengineering c) business product reeingineering d) business process redefinition 15 This process of change for the betterment of the organization is called as ______ . a)Business process re-engineering b)Business process engineering c)Business process re-inventing d)Business process innovation 16 In the Lewins model of implementing of MIS in an organization, the first step is _____ . a) unfreezing b) refreezing c) choosing d) analyzing 17 Implementation of MIS in an organization is a process where organizational transformation takes place. _____ model can be used bring the transformation. a) Johnson b) Lewin c) Abraham d) Porter 18 In the _____ step of Lewin's model, the change is consolidated and equilibrium is reinforced.

a) unfreezing b) refreezing c) choosing d) analyzing 19 The _______ strategic plan should be the basis...
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