Comparative Case Study of Vodafone & O2

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Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the
MBA Innovative Management
In collaboration with Coventry University
and the British Institute of Technology & E-commerce

August 2011


August 15, 2011

Dr. Hasan Gilani
Project Supervisor
Coventry University

Dear Sir:

I am submitting the final project report on “To explore the impact of innovation on mobile phone technology - A competitive case study of Vodafone and O2”. The report includes strategic concept & dynamic competitive strategy was used & it shows how technology made difference in the life of people in the United Kingdom. While in the comparative study between two companies research methodology would be general technique of questionnaire development & previous research work that is already done needs to be referred.

I am grateful for your guidance and supervision without which this task could have not been completed.

Yours Sincerely,
Hammad Raza


I am deeply grateful to Almighty ALLAH for enabling me to accomplish this assignment.

My genuine thanks to my counselor Dr. Hasan Gilani without his help and direction this study would not have been possible. I am also thankful to those who guided me throughout the plan.

Last but not the least; I would submit great thanks to my family and others who had directly and indirectly cooperated with me throughout the period of my research.


There is certain development going on related to mobile technology & this technology made lots of difference in human life. As the technology changes day by day & it’s affecting the life of people & it becomes the need of human life. With the random advancement & technology changes day by day & people are experiences new thing & becomes the need in human life. Mobile technology becomes one of the most popular inventions in human life & no one be able to think to survive without this technology. So, this technology has both advantages & disadvantages it depends on personal that how they use this technology, if you misuse this technology it would affect the life. In fact, the most annoying part of this technology that it seems to the wastage of time & would rarely affect of life of people. Another, disadvantage of this technology has produce noise, sound pollutions & sometimes it’s just irritating the people. No matter in the public open space such as streets and parks or in the quiet closed areas like libraries, cinemas, theaters and during formal meetings, we can always hear the ringing bells and chatting voices over the crowd. The sounds can easily tear up the peacefulness of our mind. From that moment, you may probably loss the mood to enjoy your movies. Mobile telephone creates annoying sound. It does not only affect our concentration and disturb our normal life but also deteriorate the quality of the quietness of the world. The strategy of an organization represents upon the mission, vision & strategy that they are implementing with refer to changes it gives the direction to organization how to achieve the set goals and objectives. Although the strategy is all about outperforming competition so it can be defeated by highly effective responses by a key competitor. So, it’s vital for an organization to be prepared to change their strategy or supporting implementation tactics as the external competitive environment changes rapidly and effective competitors impact it. The severe competition in the dynamic markets has made it extremely difficult for companies to maintain profit margins on their products and services. This can be done by adding new innovation in product line matrices & it would help to adding some...
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