Impact of 4G Technology on Commercial Interactions, Economic Growth, and US Competitiveness

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Impact of 4G Technology on Commercial Interactions, Economic Growth, and US Competitiveness




22nd November 2011

Research Question

How is 4G technology going to impact on commercial interactions, economic growth, and US competitiveness?


In a bid to sustain the achievements made in the era of 3G technologies and foster efforts of economic recovery, the United States of America should stay abreast with the rest of the world by deploying 4G technology in its communication infrastructure. Being a world leader in the broadband applications, companies in the United States of America enjoy the efficiencies that come alongside the platform of these technologies. As compared to other economies in the world, it has the greatest 3G subscribers. Therefore, it is true to argue the mobile broadband is of paramount importance in the United States economic growth and global competitiveness. That is the reason why most policy makers are considering this technological frontier as one of the influential aspects of economic growth. The far-reaching effects of 4G technology cannot be neglected in most businesses. In the same magnitude through which 3G technology transformed the way of doing business, 4G technology is bound to take the business a notch higher (Tuttlebee, 2005).

Mobile broadband successes attained through the glamour of 3G have established a platform through which 4G will scale greater heights in fostering business performances. Therefore, efforts to maintain and expand emergence of 4G technology within the economy should be encouraged. The foundation established by 3G has created a firm ground through which 4G will advance.

The investment on 4G networks is likely to be in the range of between $23 and $53 billion in the period between 2012 and 2016 (Deloitte Consulting LLP, 2011). The investment in the 4G technology mobile broadband stand high chances of spurring American performance in the international scramble to exploit the possibility of this innovative infrastructure. This will end up benefiting the national economy due the huge expenditure by wireless companies, suppliers and employees of these organizations. The growth of these organizations will have a direct impact in business scope (Mumford, 2010). The scope of this paper will limit the focus on these weaknesses to how the growth and development of 4G technology may be detrimental to economic growth, commercial interactions and competitiveness of the United States.

The evolution and popularity of mobile communication devices like cell phones, laptops and personal Digital Assistants have revolutionized mobile applications through fast growing networks. A myriad of applications associated to these applications for end users offer unlimited options for sharing and transferring information and data. The latest development in mobile network is that of 4G whose deployment is poised to have far-reaching consequences on various aspects of life including business, entertainment, sports, marketing and health care among others. These developments are further enhanced by multimedia communication brought about by World Wide Web (August, Hansen, & Shriver, 2001).

This inquiry seeks to establish the possible impacts that will come alongside 4G technology in shaping commercial interactions, economic growth and economic competitiveness of the United States of America. It seeks to ascertain these facts by reviewing what others have said about the topic. By the end of it, there should be a comprehensive knowledge to make a conclusion about the imminent impact of 4G technology.

Literature Review

4G mobile broadband is capable of supplementing other fixed broadband as a way of incorporating marginalized factions in the mainstream economic activities. This ends up serving the general public interest and thus increasing competitiveness (Rao,...
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