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Topics: Culture, Sociology, Michael Keaton Pages: 3 (712 words) Published: November 4, 2011
Chapter 2 & 3 Assignment – Gung Ho Case Study Answers
Due Date – Oct 14, 2011
Points - 50 Possible Points
Informal Institutions: Culture, Ethics, & Norms
Introduction: Management Decision
Section 1: (10 Points) this chapter emphasizes the importance of informal institutions (rules) – culture, ethics and norms that are the foundation of behavior for individuals and firms regardless of country. For managers this suggests that there are two broad implications: A. The institutional based view argues that a firm’s performance is at least in part determined by the cultures, ethics, and norms that govern behavior. What are the two broad implications discussed in chapter 3? Reactive, Proactive

B. What implications do these concepts have on management actions (Rules of thumb)? How they handle/react to the task at hand, or problem.

Section 2: (40 Points) For this assignment you will be required to locate and watch the movie Gung Ho and then apply the concepts that were discussed in Chapter 3 of the textbook by answering the questions outlined below. Movie: Gung Ho Drama & Comedy; made in 1986, produced by Ron Howard; Staring: Michael Keaton, Mimi Rogers, and John Tutturro With regards to the movie Gung Ho:

A. Watch the movie Gung Ho
B. Provide a short summary of what the movie was about and how you think it is relevant to the concepts of global business today. (5 points) a. Various responses – looking for a 2 -3 paragraphs that summarize the movie and second part of the question: how is this relevant to the concepts of global business today. Summary

Hunt goes to japan, has trouble understanding directions in another language. All the businessman spoke English. The Japanese arrive in America, and set up company. They had a different company policy than Americans are used to, including less pay, and installing cameras. The Japanese men had different choices in food. The...
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