Induction Training

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1.| Acknowledgement| 4|
2.| Executive summary| 5|
3.| Chapter 1- Industry profile * Indian retail industry * Growth of Indian retail * Major retailers in India * Retail formats in India * Challenges faced by Indian retail industry * The future| 6-10| 4.| Chapter 2- Company profile (MF&L) * History and lineage * MF&L * Vision and values * Management team * Executive committee * Awards and accolades * Brands * Retail best practices followed at MF&L| 11-19| 5.| Chapter 3- Induction training * What is induction * Purpose of induction * Who needs induction program * What happens without effective induction program * Induction training must include * HR’s role in induction training * Induction process * Using a formal induction course * What to avoid * Evaluation * Induction training checklist * Structuring the induction training plan * Induction training plan example * Induction training review and feedback| 20-34| 6.| Chapter 4- Literature review * Marie-Claire Ross (October 18, 2010), How a great induction process makes a great company in company induction training. * Paul Slezak (October 11, 2010), Inducting people from a training perspective in company induction training. * Marie-Claire Ross (August 16, 2010), How using quizzes in induction training improves new starter learning in company induction training.| 35-38| 7.| Chapter 5- Research methodology and analysis * Objectives * Type of study * Reliability analysis * Analysis and interpretation| 39-64| 8.| Chapter 6- Findings, suggestions, conclusions and limitations| 65-69| 9.| Chapter 7- References and annexure| 70-73|


Company project study is meant to provide a Management Trainee with hands on experience and contribute to the actual work culture. The Project at MF&L provided me with a lot of exposure to the highly competitive induction process. I have gained immensely from my project in terms of experience and expertise.

I take this opportunity to extend my warm thanks to the team at MF&L who have devoted their valuable time and extended support to me.

I wish to acknowledge my deep gratitude Mr. Sanjay Kumar (HOD, School of Management) & Dr. D. R. Aggarwal, for providing me an opportunity to pursue my internship at the MF&L. I thank them for their guidance and support.

I would like to extend my gratitude to Ms. Varsha Bhala (HR- manager) who has mentored me and was immense support and a wonderful companion. Thank you for patiently guiding me through the study to make it meaningful.

I would also like to thank my faculty mentor Ms. Jaya Ahuja. I am grateful to her cooperation in my entire project.

Working at MF&L has been a great experience.

The term ‘induction’ is generally used in a workplace context to describe the whole process whereby employees adjust or acclimatize to their jobs and working environment. Some people use the term ‘on boarding’ to describe the whole process from an individual’s contact with the organization before they formally join, through to understanding the business’ ways of working and getting up to speed in their job.

Every organization, large or small, should have a well-considered induction programme. Employees who have a well thought-out induction are more likely to stay with the organization. However, designing an appropriate and cost-effective induction package is a complex task. The induction programme has to provide all the information that new employees need, and are able to assimilate, without overwhelming or diverting them from the essential...
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