Describe the Duties and Responsibilities of Own Work Role

Topics: Employment, United Kingdom, Sociology Pages: 2 (316 words) Published: February 17, 2013
The specific duties and responsibilities of your job will
vary depending on your role and the employer you work
for. If you work for a large employer, whether in the
public, private or voluntary sectors, you will probably
have had a period of induction, where you will have
learned about:
•• the policies and procedures of the organisation
•• how the structures work
•• the people who are your managers and supervisors.
Working for smaller private or voluntary organisations,
or working as a personal assistant directly employed
by the person you are supporting, may mean that your
initial induction was less formal and you learned ‘on
the job’.
In each case, you will have been given an idea of
the duties and responsibilities of your job and what
your employer expects of you, and what you can
expect in return.
However, the duties and responsibilities required by your
employer are not the only requirements of working in social care. The regulator in the UK country in which
you work will require that you follow the Code of
Practice that lays out the duties and
expectations for everyone who works in the sector.
Having Codes of Practice is important in social care,
because in this sector you work with some of the most
vulnerable people in society. They have a right to expect
a certain standard of work and a certain standard of
moral and ethical behaviour.
In order to be employed in social work anywhere in the
UK and in social care in some parts (soon to be all) of
the UK, there is a requirement to be registered. This
means having, or working towards, a certain minimum
level of qualification and agreeing to work within the
Code of Practice that sets out the required behaviour.
Employers have to ensure that everyone who works for
them is registered and eligible to work in social work or
social care.
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