Impact of E-Commerce in India

Topics: Internet, Electronic commerce, Internet service provider Pages: 17 (5587 words) Published: May 5, 2011

Amarjit Singh
Department of Computer Science, HP University Shimla, India
Department of Computer Science,HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar(Garhwal), Uttaranchal, India
Department of Computer Science,HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar(Garhwal), Uttaranchal, India
Department of Computer Science, Amravati university, Amravati (Maharashtra), India

Because of e-commerce, the world stands at the threshold of a new revolution. Currently, regulatory structures in many countries limit market access by infrastructure providers. But with the transformations coming around frequently, with the liberalization of the telecommunication sector world wide, the use of electronic commerce will increase rapidly. Electronic Commerce provides new opportunities for all overseas firms to access India’s domestic market and vice versa. In fact, it has set the ball rolling in India. Every service and information about the product is available just on a mouse click on computers.The modern technology offers an opportunity to enterprises to upgrade themselves and enter the global market at the right time and at a low cost. This would work like a wonder drug for our entrepreneurs. In India, E-commerce is just a beginning but its advantages are going to be realized soon. Whether the net impact of these developments will bring the desired result will depend on the capacity of the whole nation to prepare a domestic environment which encourages full participation in the global information economy, the effectiveness in contributing to an international environment which makes necessary the use of Internet as a tool to enhance communications, conduct commerce, and increase the value offered to the customer and the eagerness, the willingness, and also the capacity of the whole nation to act and respond quickly and purposefully in developing policy approaches on electronic commerce. There is no denying the fact that by facilitating the integration of Indian economy and society with rest of the world, electronic commerce will encourage a broader and a global outlook. The e-commerce will help to bridge the inter-regional disparities. Since India has considerable competence in the area of software, it should develop the congenial environment and enact appropriate rules and regulations to integrate with the global market. As e-commerce offers new opportunities, Indian entrepreneurs should try to reap maximum advantage. By knowing global markets, they can reach and create a niche in those markets. Thus, it is high time that India should act fast and decisively in order to use the growing electronic trade to our advantage.

Key words: E-commerce, Internet, Entrepreneurs, Electronic Trade, Global Information Economy

Science & Technology has always influenced modes, practices and procedures of business and trade. Of late, a never before phenomenon has been witnessed in the arena of Science & Technology more particularly in electronics and internet. The fast changing information technology and convergence of various communication technologies has virtually taken the business practices by storm. E-commerce is becoming the key to success. The use of internet has made the world small and through it business transactions are conducted globally at a faster pace. The age of connectivity has reduced distances and brought people closer. This can be directly attributed to the development of electronics and communication technology. Some economists’ say that the newly emerged economy be can very appropriately be called as the "transparent economy" because the Internet makes has made it more open and exposed. The implication of e-commerce encompasses various important issues like economic, legislative, technological and social. As under WTO obligations, member...
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