Hrm. Recruitment and Selection Report

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Human Resource Management.
Recruitment and selection report.

February 2008

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Human Resources Management.
Human Resources Management (HRM) is described by Michael Armstrong in A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice as “strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets - the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business” . One of the main parts of HRM is the process of recruitment and selection, which is vital for success of every organization. I strongly agree with the sentence, that having an objective and organized recruitment and selection policy is a key to organizational success. Below I will try to prove my point.

Recruitment and selection are parts of HR Planning process. Recruitment is a process of finding, sourcing and attracting people for a job or vacancy within an organization. Having a successful recruitment and selection program within the company is a fundamental issue for the functioning of an organization. Poorly designed recruitment process as well as wrong selection decisions may have bad influence on company’s effectiveness and be very expensive , for example: overall cost of leaving, such as payroll, induction, training or time and fees spent on recruitment and selection. CIPD researches from 2001 shows the estimated cost per leaver among UK’s companies, which are to be around 4000 pounds and 6000 pounds for professionals workers and managers . Recruitment and selection process should be:

1)Effective- generating right people for right place.
2)Efficient- timely and resource effective.
3)Fair- by dealing equitably with all candidates.
It is also very important, that the managers are getting involved into the recruitment process and selection decisions making, as it then they seems to be more likely to committed and take all the responsibilities for training and performance. CIPD Recruitment Survey from year 2000 shows, that 50% of organizations involved managers and line managers in recruitment process and 37% of companies gives the managers the leading role during interview . Sources of recruitment.

According to Human Resources Management in Ireland by Patrick Gunnigle, Noreen Heraty, Michael J. Morley, HR Manager has got plenty different sources of recruitment, they are as follows: a)Internal: existing employees (self applicants, supervisor/manager recommendations, succession planning); b)Existing contacts (previous applicants, employees and existing employee contacts); c)External contacts ( Union referrals, professional referrals, employment exchange, out-placement consultants, private selection consultants, management selection, search consultants, schools and career service, colleges, universities, government training schemes, temporary agencies); d)Advertising, media (press, television, radio, cinema, internet). The constraints on the recruitment and selection process that might effect Organization: Recruitment process has many disadvantages, which may have influence on company’s activity. Some of them are as follows: -Self- applicants method may cause the lack of new talents in company -Previous applicants method might be sometimes indirectly discriminatory, as this method needs system implementation to cope ( files being kept needs to be review after certain period ) -Recruitment by existing employee contacts may be as well in some stage discriminatory, if not mixed with different methods -Management selection is paid by employer and may consist the lack of company’s culture and exclusion of internal applicants -Using search consultants are expensive and potential candidate outside consultant network are expelled -Advertising and media method is very expensive and has to be connected with necessarily of monitoring cost-effectiveness; press advertising only reach people using that medium. Selection.

There are many...
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