Report on Talent Planning

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Activity 1:

Report on Talent Planning
An organisations approach to attracting Talent
Benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce •Factors affecting the approach to recruitment and selection •Recruitment and Selection methods
The importance and benefits of Induction training


This reports sets out to explain current Talent Planning strategies used by organisations in their Recruitment and Selection campaigns, in particular; factors affecting their approaches to attracting talent, having a diverse workforce, recruitment and selection methods, and the importance of effective induction plans and training. In today’s demanding and competitive market, organisations recognise the need and importance of Talent Planning; having a plan in place on how to find the right people to deliver the increasing results expected of them, taking into account both external and internal factors. Recruitment and selection is the process in which the business identifies its needs, and therefore finds the right person with the experience and knowledge required.  

An organisations approach to attracting Talent
There are many factors which could affect and organisations approach to attracting the Talent they are looking for. These can include the type of role they want filling, time constraints and possible budget restrictions’. They would also need to think about the current economic environment, and how this could affect the pool of talent they have available. For instance, dependant on what type of role is to be advertised, will affect where and how the job is advertised and the candidates approached. For a higher level role, an organisation may choose to go via a head-hunting or recruitment agency that specialise in senior level roles, advertise via industry specific publishing’s, or make use of networking. However, if the role is more marketing based and perhaps of a lower level, they may choose to advertise via social media tools instead, knowing that their target audience will have more exposure through this different medium. The budget for advertising will therefore also link in to the type of role that is being advertised; a CEO position would need a much larger budget than a Marketing Assistant, as the cost of using a head-hunting agency would be much higher than using social media tools and other forms, such as adverts via specialist websites and agencies. Timing will also be crucial. If the organisation only has a few weeks to fill the role, they should think whether they advertise both internally or externally, and what method would be the fastest. If they have a longer period of time to find the right candidate, then head-hunting can be more effective. If they have limited time, they may decide to look at the possibility of filling that position internally, and if someone could be trained up to take up the position. Economic Environment of the organisation underlines all of this. If the organisation is not healthy, it may be wise to wait and postpone the recruitment process, and find a suitable substitution. Again, it may be that someone can be trained up internally at a smaller cost than it would be to get someone already trained in the processes. Benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce

All organisations should strive to have a diverse workforce. It brings many benefits with it, including recruiting from a wide pool of talent, drawing on insights from a wide range of perspectives from their employees, their workforce reflecting their customer base, as well as facilitating team working. It can increase productivity and employee engagement, has been shown to decrease staff turnover, and has also...
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