How to Improve My Relationships in My Freshman Year

Topics: English-language films, Social network Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Beginning to live in a new environment, I’m faced with a challenge that I should acquaint myself with a lot of strangers. As a result, it’s demanded that I consider how to improve the relationships in my first year at college. Since I came to the campus on September, I have met people who come from different provinces. Owing to the diversity of our backgrounds, we have different customs, consequently, it’s urgent for me to know what should be avoided while talking to them. However, what hinders me is that I’m always too shy to introduce myself in front of strangers, which leads to the fact that it’s not easy for me to get to know someone on my own. What’s more, under the circumstance that it’s of great significance to extend the social network during my university, this character may prevent me from making progress. Therefore, the most important thing I ought to do is to overcome this shortcoming. On the one hand, it’s confidence and self-acceptance that I am in need of. As some psychologists suggest, I need to make a list of my advantages on a piece of paper, and then I will have chance to be aware of what I’m good at and regain my confidence. On the other hand, as smiling is the symbol of friendliness, I’m supposed to smile instead of being serious while talking to others, for several friends have told me that my expression is grim when I am concentrating on something but I’m entirely unaware of it at the same time. In addition, it’s the acceptance of our difference that plays an important role in contacting with each other and forbid the conflict. Moreover, giving congratulations to other people for the accomplishment they have made is also a good way to gain other’s favor. In my freshman year, I’ll do my utmost to make more friends by bettering myself.
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