Children and Young People 301.2.1

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Children and young people.
While supporting a new child in school during a numeracy lesson, the main communication skills I would use would be, active listening, as this boosts confidence. Open ended questions, as this encourages conversation. Positive response’s, which encourages consideration for others, and boost’s confidence. 301.2.2

When supporting a child in class as a year 4 T.A, adapting communication styles are usually needed when working with lower ability children. I would be patient for responses, use developmentally appropriate language and always be on the same eye level. By using these styles the child feels more confident in lesson, and shows more interest when answering questions. 2.3

To make communication more effective with children I would always be on the same eye level, allow sufficient time for responses and keep information clear. When communicating with adults eye to eye contact would be sustained, but response time does not need to be exaggerated. Adults.

Scenario 1.
When contacting a parent about an incident at school, I would telephone them, while using the correct form of address and showing courtesy and respect at all times. Adapting this communication could consist of writing a letter if the parent’s first language isn’t English. Being friendly and courteous establishes rapport and professional relationships. I would use questions to clarify and check understanding, also summarise and confirm key points at the end of the conversation/letter. This ensures both parties are clear on what is to happen. Scenario 2.

When dealing with an upset colleague I would use the following skills. Eye contact, as this encourages the person to open up. Active listening, shows interest and boosts self- esteem. Also showing friendliness establishes professional relationships. Scenario 3.

When being put into a group of people I have not met before, I would establish rapport and a professional relationship by firstly introducing myself and...
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