Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication

Topics: Communication, Graphic communication Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication
Renee’ Alsup
COM 200
Instructor Anne Schneeberger
May 11, 2013

Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication
I can connect with the article Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication. My daughter and I the majority of the time do not communicate well together. I may say something vaguely expecting her to know what I am thinking or trying to say and she will take it the complete opposite and thinks I am dishing out some kind of attitude with her. My lifestyle is so busy I communicate and think in shortcuts and a lot of the time I guess I expect people to know what I mean without fully explaining the answer. In my observation over time, people seem to communicate better with strangers than they do with family members.

I never have been a good communicator with people whether it was family, friends or strangers especially. When I am listening to someone I usually carry a solemn look without even realizing it. I am often told to “loosen up and smile.” One thing I can do in the future to start communicating better is, be aware of my delivery of speech and my facial expressions as I am listening to other people. This will in turn determine the mood of the conversation and the attitude of the people I am having the conversation with and how I am being interpreted. Self-awareness is the key of the communication process. “The knowledge you gain about how the communication process operates will increase your awareness of how you and others communicate” (Sole, 2011).

As Epley states in Close relationships sometimes mask poor communication, we have an “illusion” of how another person might respond to a statement we have made to them when in fact they respond in a completely different way and just the opposite. “Our problem in communicating with friends and spouses is that we have an illusion of insight” (HealthDay News, 2011). We tend to want a positive reaction...
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