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3.5 Family Patterns
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Section 1
Resource 1[->0]

After reading the case scenarios, choose one and answer the following questions.

1. Case Scenario____________________ (5 points)

a.Where did the characters learn their communication style? (5 points)

b.Identify the communication roadblocks these barriers present in the scenario. To review the communication roadblocks, read the information found in lesson 3.3. (5 points)

Section 2
Resource 2[->1]

Read the course resource information on vertical and level communication. Answer the following questions based on that information. 2. After reviewing level and vertical communication, what style of communicator are you? (5 points) Vertical___________

3. Which style do you see most frequently in your family's communication? (level or vertical) ___________ (5 points) 4. Give two examples of how vertical communication might be used by family members when communicating. (5 points per answer total of 10 points) A.

5. Are your family members free to communicate their real feelings to one another? _____ (5 points) a. Why or why not? (5 points)

6. Identify two methods of level communication you would feel comfortable using with your family. (5 points each answer total of 10) A.
Our main source in learning about communication is our family. Family influence will greatly impact our communication and relationships outside our family. Choose the letter to the answer that best describes your family's communication style. Label this assignment: Section 3: Family Survey

Resource 3[->2]
(Total of 35 points or 3 points per answer)
1. How would you describe the communication "condition" at home? A. open communication____
B. closed communication_____
2. Within your family, how do the members feel toward one another? A. connected___
B. separated_____
3. The conversations at home tend to center around which topics? A. people____...
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