How to Impress a Person on a First Date

Topics: Sincerity and Authenticity, Manners, A Great Way to Care Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: October 7, 2010
How to impress a person on a first date
Do you believe in soul mates or destiny? If not, and you have been in a situation when the next phrase that comes out of your mouth can be different between a happily ever after or a so long, then let me explain to you what are the easy steps to make a great first impression, specially on a first date. First, it is important to be polite, properly salute everyone and introduce yourself. Other examples are opening the door of the car, following proper manners while eating, etc. This will help that someone feel more comfortable and you need that in order for them to get to know you. Now that you have broken the ice it is time to show them what you are made of. While talking, it is important to show your knowledge, it can be about anything like technology, current events, movies, books, fashion, you name it. The reason for this is that people are mostly impress and admire the ones who can offer or provides things that they don’t have or know that is why this is a great way to getting them interested in you. For last the most important step or quality that has to be demonstrated is sincerity. People can forget and mold their personality and actions to impress different types of people, but if someone recognize in you sincerity and authenticity the will immediately distinguish you from the bunch. In conclusion, the best way to impress somebody is to make them feel comfortable with your politeness and manners, sweep them of their feet with your knowledge and attributes nevertheless while been sincere with the person and yourself. While getting to know anyone if you follow these steps and while being yourself rest assured that everybody you will meet will be definitely impress with you.
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