How to Analyze a Website

Topics: World Wide Web, Typography, Graphic design Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: February 2, 2013
How to Analyze a Web Site
Gina Dobbii
BSHS 351
April 5, 2012
Firpo Carr

How to Analyze a Web Site

Designing a website may vary from person to person depending on their taste and style. There are millions of websites out there, each one designed differently from another. When you want to analyze a website quickly and simply there are a few fast standards that all websites should follow. These are 10 steps someone can follow to analyze a website in minutes. 1. Don’t make me think, this means when you go to a website you should understand it from the minute you open it up. The website should apply to what you are looking for and you should be able to go through it quickly with no problems. 2. WOW factor, when the website does not look generic similar to every other website. The website should intrigue you to want to navigate through it. You might like the idea of the website or fresh design. 3. White space, the website should not be filled with just words and pictures all over it. It should have more white space which makes the website clearer and easier to read. 4. Navigation, with this you should be able to understand the website as to where you are and where you can go from there. If the website is understandable that means it has good navigation. 5. Typography, this is where many mistakes can be made. Typrography is what is used to transport the websites content to the reader. This includes font, size of words, appearance, line length and spacing, less is more the website should not be too crammed. 6. Grid, the pages of the website should be organized for a more sense of clarity, harmony, and comfort. There is an invisible grid that is placed underneath which means the website would be well organized, if things are placed all over the website in all kinds of different grids and sizes that means the designer had no idea where he or she was going with this website. 7. Colors, in science there is something called colorimetry which is...
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