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The McBride Financial Website offers customers a service in which to purchase residential and recreational property loans. McBride Financial website offers credit reporting, home inspection, appraisal, and mortgage loan services for one low price for $1,500.00. Although this information is listed on the current McBride Financial website, Team A has been commissioned by service request SR-mf-001 to make improvements to the website, to offer online customers easier access, better educational information, and to create a website that is designed professionally, organized, and creates a resource for customers in need of a residential loan, and to see houses available to purchase.

The more McBride Financial enables customers to find residential information, the more likely customers will see McBride as a valid resource for finding a home and loan, for their needs.(eFuse,2009). Team A will analyze the current web site, make suggested changes, and implement changes, by creating a mock up web site design, that will better serve McBride Financial, browsing customers, and existing customers. Service Request descriptions

Design an improved/enhanced Internet website
Team A has evaluated the current website for McBride Financial when the team first had the idea for McBride Financial Services. Continuing through the business start-up process, the team has honed the concept of how McBride Financial Services will position itself in the market and how the company will run its operations by creating a mock up of the current website. Team A will be updating the website with a blog for feedback and FAQ (frequently asked questions) to make it easy for customers to find solutions to his or her questions in a timelier manner. The team has identified and describes site functionality, including data to be displayed and data to be captured, such as adding an about us link, adding easy access to home listings, and improving the application process. The majority of the company’s advertising will be directing potential customers to the company’s website. It is imperative that the website educate customers and sells them on McBride Financial services.

Currently, the McBride Financial Services web site has links and a front page that has incorrect links, uninteresting listing of information, no validation for application forms, and has no consistency for backgrounds or colors. Team A will implement better designing techniques and move away from “shabby design and outmoded look, which is certainly not the way to keep customers hooked on the website, and coming back as a resource”(, 2005). How the Web site can effectively educate and sell services to customers

The company can use a blog to post valuable information to new and existing customers such as how to avoid identity theft, what to look for and not look for in a home, and other helpful shared information. This will provide a positive public profile for McBride Financial services by letting consumers know that the company cares. The blogs can also offer basic financial advice on the website and invite customers to a "no obligation" financial interview.

The web site should also include a frequently asked questions section that can filter several calls to customer service. This can be seen on many websites such as National City Mortgage ( These will act as a first line customer support questions and free agents for potential customers and applications. Using the Web site for communication

After viewing McBride Financial Services’ website, a blog can provide valuable feedback to the company stakeholders and to new consumers interested in doing business with the company. The McBride Financial website will be the only store and first impression for potential customers. The current site lacks any eye catching graphics or layout that will grab a customer’s attention, while at the same time does not...
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