How Effective an Internet Advertisement Is, as a Persuasive Tool in Impacting the Mind of Internet User of Varanasi

Topics: Internet, Online advertising, Advertising Pages: 13 (2829 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Science Communication Project

How effective an Internet advertisement is, as a persuasive tool in impacting the mind of internet user of Varanasi

This project is to get an overall view and exposure to the industry and its working environment. It enhances and boosts the morale of the researcher. Most of the program is meant for the personality development of the researcher and basic motive is to provide accessibility to practical knowledge and exposure to practical professional life. Therefore to make aware of real life in working situation, every Journalism and Mass communication student of BHU has to undergo research project as a class work activity under the proper guidance of professors and professional managers, which give him or her a better understanding of environment. This project is helpful in accounting for as experience, which would prove very beneficial to create a future endeavor.

This is result of my hard work and deep involvement with the work allotted to me as for the academic purpose to fulfill the requirement of the Journalism and Mass communication student of BHU. In this project, which is given by the Professor Anurag Dave, I found the information about pulses of present scenario of the how effective an Internet advertisement is, as a persuasive tool in impacting the mind of internet user of Varanasi.

And finally I hope that this report meet the given expectation and requirement. I have tried to draw some conclusion from my observation and have made suggestion and recommendation, which I think shall help the online advertisement companies in solving the problem highlighted by this study and also help in accomplishment of the organizational objective.


I Basant Deo Singh student of Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi would like to thank each and every person who has helped me in the completion of the project.

This project has been an outcome of patient guidance of our project guide Dr. Anurag Dave, Assistant Professor and Dr Sisir Basu; Dr. Sobhna Narlekar Department of Journalism and Mass Communication who has helped me with each and every small details of the topic so that I could understand and go about compiling whatever understood. They were always there to short out complications and find easy solutions to them. I would take this occasion to give my special thanks to them. Without whom I would not have learned the practical application of the course we are studying.

This report has had cooperation of my friends, class mates and my parents who gave us the most comfortable and friendly environment, which is necessary for a person to work freely and easily

Last but not the least I would like to thank faculty at BHU who have always cheered me and boosted my confidence.

Table of Contents

Contents | Page no.|
Chapter 1| |
* Introduction| 1|
* Statement of problem| 3|
* Aim| 4|
* Objective| 4|
| |
Chapter 2| |
* Methodology| 5|
* Data gathering| 5|
* Data analysis| 5|
| |
Chapter 3 - Findings| 6|
| |
Chapter 4 - Summary| 13|
| |
Chapter 5 - Conclusion and recommendation| 14|
| |
Chapter 6 - Bibliography| 15|
* | |
Chapter 7 - Annexure| --|
| |

The internet is the most liberating of all mass media developed to date. It is participatory. It is not meant solely to push content, in one direction, to a captive audience, the way movies or traditional network television did. It provides the greatest array of entertainment and information, on any subject, with any degree of formality, on demand. It is the best and the most trusted source of commercial product information on cost, selection, availability, and suitability, using community content, professional reviews...
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