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earE-marketing Research on Hong Kong Ocean Park
As we known, a brand can be well developed only when it goes deep into the mass. Many years ago, companies or organizations spent lots of money on traditional Medias and this is the one and only way for famous brands to maintain popularity. As the Internet become popular, many less famous brands make great progress because of digital channel. Meanwhile, big companies and brands also need to adopt their strategy to Internet advertisement as well. Hong Kong Ocean Park has been the master in this field. Marketing Revolution for Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean Park begins digital marketing since 2002 and it’s much earlier than other big companies or famous brands. According to general manager Kenneth Wan from Group M Interaction: Ocean Park is one of the early users of e-marketing in Hong Kong. In recent years, almost all digital Medias have been applied by Ocean Park. Digital marketing applied domain for Ocean Park includes: * Website

* Banner advertisement
* Search Engine Marketing
* Portal creative format
* Portal joint partnership
* Social media
* Blog
* Forum sponsorship/ seeding
* Facebook and Facebook app
* Microblog
* Video advertisement/skins
* Interactive YouTube video
* Mobile apps
* Portals for mobile
* Short Message Service(SMS)
With the rapid development of technology, Ocean Park adopts popular marketing channels instead of limiting to only digital Medias.

Multivariate of Online Medias
Hong Kong Ocean Park is adept in applying website advertisement to interact with audience. Nowadays, Internet has great impact on advertisement, especially in terms of interactive. Traditional Medias such as television, magazines and newspaper, billboards, etc. are sending messages unilaterally the audience and it leads to two disadvantages: the audiences have no ways to send feedback about the advertisement and the advertisers have no idea whether audiences are...
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