Advertising Has Played a Major Role in Human Society

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  • Published : October 19, 2008
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Advertising has played a major role in human society, which often appears in every corner of the streets. Most of them have efficient effects on the progress of human reactions. Some are trying to convince consumers to buy the products. Some advertisements are existed with the purpose to persuade and educate viewers of particular knowledge. Further more, advertisers also utilize countless means to attract viewers’ attention, such as sexuality, celebrity, fantasy, and creativity. Comedy is also being used as a magnet to alert people of the advertisement. For example, an ad of the Indian Cancer Society has successfully applied the humor tone on male sexual organ as the consequence of smoking. It is a simple picture which is constructed with three major images. The image of a cigarette appears vividly behind a dark background. As we look carefully, we notice that the cigarette on the right side is wrinkled and bended downward in a way that almost means useless, unfunctional. In the center of the advertisement, a little text is saying “With a cigarette in my hand, I only felt like a man.” The word “only” is seen as an addition to the sentence that changes both the meaning and the tone of it. It mostly implies that men are being aimed as targets of this ad. The third part of this whole poster is the logo of the Indian Cancer Society in the right corner. The Indian Cancer Society is an organization that its main purposes are to educate the community about different kinds of cancers and to create programs and projects to prevent cancers from spreading widely. Most of the advertisements around the neighborhood have attractive and gorgeous looking women showing their bodies as an eye-catching point to viewers. There are fewer posters with pictures of undressed or haft naked men. In the perspective of the society where men usually receive a higher status, they represent authority, dignity, freedom, and superiority. It is considered that men would be less powerful as they...
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