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Property Management

The financial success of any lodging facility is largely dependent on the skill and ability of on-site management. Hotel operators face a number of unique problems, ranging from booking convention business to running a high-energy lounge to installing night audit financial controls. While the skills needed to handle such problems can be acquired through college-level training and operational experience, it is the type of system used by management that usually determines how successfully personnel can apply their skills. Historically, hotel owners have either hired individual on-site managers to operate their properties or have engaged the services of professional hotel companies through hotel operating agreements such as property leases or management contracts. The employment of individual managers is the less expensive approach, but there are serious drawbacks to such arrangements. In terms of supervision of staff, overall management skill, and effective operational methods, management companies are frequently superior to individual managers.

[1] Supervision
All the employees of a lodging facility should be supervised to ensure that the integrity of the facility's financial control system is maintained. An individual general

manager often cannot provide the necessary level of direct supervision, whereas the structure of a hotel management company generally provides several layers of control over this aspect of the business. Furthermore, an individual general manager can be abruptly hired away by a competitor, or may quit because of a dispute. A hotel management company, on the other hand, can provide the back-up staff, logistical support, and uninterrupted supervision that is essential for a 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-ayear business. Unless ownership can assume total operational responsibility for the hotel on short notice and for extended periods, an individual general manager is often not a viable alternative for property management.

[2] Expertise
Many professional hotel management companies offer a range of expertise and experience that individual general managers cannot match. Management companies can assist hotel owners with property development, acquisition, and operation by providing such services as national advertising and reservation systems, interior decorating, and property engineering. Management companies are often also able to provide counseling and representation for labor negotiations, permit and license applications, and zoning and property tax proceedings.

[3] Verifiable Past Performance
A successful hotel management company should be able to document its past performance and provide references regarding its operations currently under contract. Verifiable information of this kind provides hotel operators with a basis for selecting a qualified operator. Individual managers, on the other hand, generally cannot document the effect of their management on a particular hotel. As a result, the selection of a qualified general manager usually must be made with very little assurance that the individual will be capable of successfully operating the property. At the least, poor selection results in confusion and loss of momentum until another manager is located and brought in to take over the operation. While vulnerable to the same problem, a management company is better able to handle a transition between general managers because it can provide trained interim personnel who can quickly assume necessary responsibilities within an established system, permitting continuous operation of all essential controls and procedures.

[4] Established Methods and Procedures
The major advantage in hiring a management company is that it can provide established, functional methods and procedures that constitute a complete system capable of handling the complex job of operating a lodging facility. In instances in which a...
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