History and Advancement of E- Business in Pakistan

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E-business is an acronym for 'electronic business.' The word 'e-business' has been derived from terms such as "e-mail." As the name implies, e-business means conducting or operating business through the Internet. The main aim is to establish a positive reputation of the enterprise as well as sell goods and services. Internet is used as a medium like print and broadcast to promote business and earn profits. It is also used to collaborate with business partners. Definition

E- business is a term used to describe businesses run on the Internet, or utilizing Internet technologies to improve the productivity or profitability of a business. In a more general sense, the term may be used to describe any form of electronic business —- that is to say, any business which utilizes a computer. This usage is somewhat archaic, however, and in most contexts E- business refers exclusively to Internet businesses.

The purpose of e-business:
The e-business services have been introduced to search for business partners and explore more opportunities. It is used to fetch potential customers, retain present customers and even locate old customers. Entrepreneurs build business relationships with the partners through the means of Internet. A marketer can invite the clients to enter into mergers and acquisitions or contracts to expand the business. A marketer should build an online presence in order to initiate and establish the online business. This is possible by building a website for the company. You should optimize the content in the site so that it becomes easily accessible to the search engines. For this purpose, keyword rich content should be used. The presentation of the company website always reflects the image of the company. Therefore, the presentation of the website should not only be search engine friendly but also attractively presented. This is done to allure the customers and potential business partners towards your organization. The website should become accessible to the customers and the presentation should be visually emphatic. The wide use of Internet has given a boost to the growing trend of online shopping. A marketer can exhibit lucrative offers and his products and services on his website. Make the payment and purchasing procedure easy on the Internet. You can also provide contact details such as phone number or contact details of the call centre of the company. These details are useful to serve the customers at the time when they encounter any difficulty of payment. The presentation of your products should appeal to the customers at a glance. For this purpose, you should study your target customers thoroughly. E-business solutions establishes your online presence which enables you to boost the sales and revenue. Advantages & disadvantages

There are many different benefits of E-commerce and E-business. Some of the benefits of E-commerce include purchases can be made 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, making it available to every place in the world, at any time. Other benefits of E-commerce include a larger marketplace, more secure then using cheques, can increase you sales potential, leads to increased productivity. Benefits of E-business include improved speed of response, cost savings, reduced in inventory, better transfer of best practices, and improved customer service. These are all benefits and advantages of E-commerce and E-Business. 

* With the use of e-commerce you can promote your product globally * Reduces Time and money spent
* Gives a competitive advantages
* Removes Location and availability restrictions 
* Heightens customer service 
* Elderly and disabled people do not have to leave their home.  Disadvantages

* Security - there are still some people who don't think it is safe to buy on-line therefore as their isn't a high-street shop will loss their custom. * You may not receive what you believe you have purchased * Things...
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