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 E-commerce is short for electronic commerce. It is the business over internet involving buying and selling of products/services. E-commerce makes use of payment gateways for online transactions. It requires excellent supply chain management, online transaction processing, logistics strategies and control, inventory management systems and many other automated softwares and database collection systems.


* Information infrastructure
* Internet, LAN, WAN, routers, etc.
* Telecom cable TV, wireless, etc.
* Messaging and information distribution infrastructure. * HTML, XML, e-mail, HTTP, etc.
* Common business infrastructure
* Security, authentication, electronic payment, directories, catalogues, etc. * The Internet
* System of interconnected networks that spans the globe * Routers, TCP/IP, firewalls, network infrastructure. network protocols * The world Wide web (www)
* Part of the Internet and allows users to share information with an easy-to-use interface * Web browsers, web servers, HTTP, HTML
* Web architecture
* Client/server model
* N-tier architecture; e.g., web servers, application servers, database servers, scalability

* Attract customers
* Advertising and marketing
* Interact with customers
* Catalogue, negotiation
* Handle and manage orders
* Order capture
* Payment
* Transaction
* Fulfilment (physical good, service good, digital good) * React to Customer Enquiries
* Customer service
* Order tracking

E-commerce in India is still nascent, but it is important for developing countries like India. The opportunities for E-commerce players are many due to rapid urbanisation and rising literacy rates and rapidly growing internet user population, advances in technology, growing adoption of computers, introduction of 3G and falling net access costs. The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IMAI) estimated that India's E-commerce market is growing 70% every year and 500% since 2007. Transactions In $ Millions

Segment-wise share in e-commerce market 2012

Flipkart is an India based e-commerce company which belongs to the e-tailing (electronic retailing) sector. It is head-quartered at Bangalore and it initiated its operations in 2007. Flipkart was launched by a couple of young, enthusiastic friends, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, who grew up together and studied at the prestigious IIT-Delhi, as an online retailing venture with the objective of making books accessible to individuals living in the all the parts of India.  Sachin and Binny used to work for Amazon, which has a similar kind of business before quitting and opening up this new venture. Initially they used to sell just books on Flipkart and relied mainly on ‘word of mouth’ for promotions. But in 2010, they started selling CDs, DVDs, Mobile phones and accessories, cameras, computers and in 2011 stationery, home appliances, personal care items and health care products. It has now revenue of Rs. 500 crore within a span of just five years making it one of the largest e-commerce companies in India. The core value of Flipkart is strong focus on customer service. The major goal of the company is to provide its customers with an ultimate online shopping experience and for this they use many innovative policies like a 30-day replacement policy, EMI options, Cash on Delivery, free shipping, discounted rates, pre-paid online wallet and most important timely delivery of all the products. This requires an extensive supply chain and logistics and distribution network. A network of over 500 distributors have been established by the company and it keeps only those items for which orders are placed frequently by the...
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