Fundamental of E Business

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Electronic commerce Pages: 8 (2735 words) Published: April 23, 2013
This Statement belongs to one of the famous company and the website of the company is I have to analyze this report with the help of strategic details which has been providing on the website due to the help of branding, mass customization and social networking. This website belongs to the major clothing brands who sell in a single roof. Chunmun store has got more than 100 popular brands. The company has done a reliable branding and the website stimulates the impression on the potential customers. Chunmun store is a good market leader in this segment but if we are talking about their website it’s not very effective. Chunmun store has been paid much more attention on Mass customization and social networking. I have not seen mass customization on the company’s website because customers are not able to buy their product on online. Company sells their product on their retail outlets and its directly comparison to the other store Mark and Spencer. This company has been done mass customization in a healthy manner to fulfill the needs of the customer and this thing have requirement of the globalized market and we are talking about social networking company website are also weak in this segment. This research has been pursued by the suggestion to the company implementation and the conclusion has been made with the help of depth analysis. If the company will implement these strategies to their business then it will also help to reach their goals. This report has been veneered by the academically conception for valuation and be aware of that purpose that help to prepare the website and for the prospect of development in future.


Electronic business generally used for those applications and information system which make sure that the organizations have run with soft and stable manner. In the globalized market numerous numbers of multinational companies should utilize electronic business to sustaining their strategies to categorize in the global market. Most of the organizations use this service for doing marketing, advertising and to sell their products through this. In the current scenario customers are not willing to pay much more attention and to visit market on regular basis to buy some products or goods. With the help of Electronic business customers saves their time, money and to get everything on their door step. Electronic business not only helpful for customers as well as accumulates a lot of money for the organizations. Due to the help of electronic business companies not require sales force to attend the customers or to advertising their products. This technique is one of the main advantages in web based electronic business. There are so many companies which are totally depend on electronic business such as Amazon, E- bay, 5 paisa .com, India bulls etc. All of these companies are not having any stores for customers to buying or viewing the products. Chunmun is not totally depends on electronic business but this technique helps to generate more revenue because Chunmun is having lots of foreign customers who deals only on web based. The main aim of this research is to stumble and study the structure of the website which consists of mass customization, branding and social networking.


According to (Till and Srinivasan 2002) Brand name has plays a vital role in the awareness of decisive the eminence of brand name and approach of the customer towards the product. According to (Marr and Prendergast- 1997 a) Attentiveness of the customers towards the product has been improved day by day which provides additional significance to the products and this thing also helps to increase the faithfulness of the consumer towards the brand. According to (David Ogilvy) the famous advertising expert says Brand name define the status of the company in the globalized market. The essential tactical procedure which consist of each component of the organization in it...
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