Traditional vs E-Business

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2) Compare and contrast e-business and traditional business?

Now days, technology has made human life easier and better. It has developed many fields to perform their task easier such as, manufacturing, constructions and many more. Business sector has also changed a lot with the improvement of technology from traditional business it evolves to e-business and bringing a big difference in three major areas that is time, trust and

As we all know that time is precious for many people, the same thing is applied in by the entrepreneurs in their businesses. The advantage of e-business is convenient because people do not need to go out and talk to customer or find for customers instead they can sit in the house and do their work through internet. Besides, e-business makes our life easier because any business transaction can be done through the internet and also safe our time from traveling up and down. Some example of e-business is e-shops; e-commerce and e-auctions, with this new technology on e-business people are able to make their life even better.

Where as, on the other hand traditional business is totally opposite then e-business because it is not so convenient because we need to go out and find customer, the advantage of this traditional business is that they provide good service and gain customers trust but amount of energy wasted is not really worth it sometimes. Further more, traditional business waste energy because need to travel a lot and quit a lot of paper work need to be done for one transaction and sometimes time and also waste time because lets say if the supplier want to buy a product from the manufacturer the supplier need to send letter to get the quotations and he must survey around which manufacturer offer the cheapest and etc. by doing this way the supplier is actually wasting a lot of time.

In conclusion, both e-business and traditional business has its own pros and cons, just it depends on the individual which way they prefer to do...
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