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Chapter 1:

Learning Objectives(PPT 1-2, 1-3)

What is E-Marketing?

E-Marketing is the use of information technology in the processes of creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers, and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.

How Does E-Marketing Relate to E-Business?

E-business is the continuous optimization of a firm’s business activities through digital technology (allows the storage and transmission of data in digital formats.) E-business involves attracting and retaining the right customers and business partners. E-commerce is the subset of e-business focused on transactions. E-marketing is only one part of an organization’s e-business activities.

What is the Internet?

The Internet is a global network of interconnected networks. Three important types of networks form part of the Internet: Intranet, Extranet, and Web.

E-Marketing is Bigger Than the Web
Many E-Marketing technologies exist that predate the Web. Non-Web Internet communication such as email and newsgroups are effective avenues for marketing.

It is Bigger Than Technology
Easy, inexpensive, and quick access to digital information transforms individuals, businesses, economies, and societies.

E-Marketing Past, Present, and Future

In early years, new start-ups and well-established businesses created a Web presence in hopes of attracting huge sales and market share, but very few were successful. Between 2000 and 2002 over 500 Internet firms shut down in the United States alone. Despite this early failure, traditional brick-and-mortar retailers noted that Internet technologies had fundamentally changed the structure of theirs and several other industries. In the on-line world, marketers want to know which specific technologies will result in top line sales and bottom line profitability.

The “E” Drops From E-Marketing
The Gartner Group predicts that very soon the “e” will be dropped, making electronic business just part of the way things are done

Marketing Implications of Internet Technologies
The Internet has properties that create opportunities beyond those possible with the telephone, television, postal mail, or other communication media. These Internet properties not only allow for more effective and efficient marketing strategy and tactical implementation, but also they actually change the way marketing is conducted.

E-Marketing Today
Information technology, the Internet in particular, has brought about profound changes in today’s marketing practices. These changes have made traditional marketing more efficient and effective in reaching and selling to markets.

What’s Next?

The combination of increased and renewed confidence in e-marketing strategies and higher bandwidth connections have returned profitability in Internet marketing and returned profitability. Because of this increased confidence and return to profitability, many believe that other industries are ripe for restructuring.

Consumer Control
Television remote controls and computer mice have limited the attention span of consumers and put control in the palms of their hands. Marketers are losing control due to personal video recorders and other mediums that allow consumers to have information on demand.

Improved Internet Strategy Integration
The inconsistency of Web sites and offline brands have caused marketers to adopt a new multichannel marketing initiative that allows and encourages customers to purchase from a number of different venues – a Web site, retail store, catalog, etc.

Refined metrics
Marketers are finding that information is too readily available via the Internet. The Internet allows marketers to track every bar code scanned, every mouse click, and every second spent on a specific web page. Without a rational and logical way of sorting this...
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