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What Is Formal And Informal Communication? Give Me Some
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The main differenc e between formal and informal c ommunic ation, as ide from the language that is us ed, is the s etting in whic h we us e them. Formal c ommunic ation would be us ed in a formal s etting where c ommunic ation efforts are ‘dres s ed’ up in order to impres s . For ex ample, in an interview to get into Univers ity , y ou would not us e s lang or c olloquialis ms . Informal c ommunic ation is of c ours e the oppos ite of formal. W hen us ing informal language, the rules of language that are applied to formal c ommunic ation are not applied s o people us e many more c olloquialis ms and often s lang words . This form of c ommunic ation is mos t c ommonly us ed fac e to fac e between a friend of relative although due to advanc ements in c ommunic ation tec hnology , informal language is now us ed in tex ting, talk ing on the phone, on s oc ial network ing s ites or an ins tant mes s age c onvers ation.

Other ex amples of formal c ommunic ation c an als o be non-verbal for ex ample in a letter. In this c irc ums tanc e and in others , it is important to addres s people in the c orrec t way for ex ample, Sir, Madam or Doc tor. W hen beginning a letter to a pers on y ou do not k now, y ou mus t s tart with ‘To W hom it may c onc ern’. W hen in a formal s ituation s uc h as at work or in an interview, s ome people tend to adopt a more formal tone of voic e. For formal c ommunic ation in written form, impec c able grammar and s pelling is a mus t. For s pok e c ommunic ation, a great deal of emphas is is plac ed on the quality of the s peak ing voic e and c orrec t pronunc iation. W e us e informal c ommunic ation throughout mos t of our day s . You may greet y our friends or relatives with a hug or k is s rather than a formal hands hak e. You will bec ome muc h more relax ed around thes e people and not feel the need to mak e an effort with y our voic e. You will be les s c areful with y our language c hoic es and more inc lined to us e c olloquialis ms and perhaps even s lang, if y ou are around y our friends . A ds by Google

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