Unit 4222-301

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Emotion Pages: 9 (3069 words) Published: February 13, 2013
1... Identify the different reasons people communicate.
In general, human beings like to live with other human beings. Most of us are sociable creatures who want to reach out to other people around us. Very few humans lead completely solitary lives.
People also communicate for specific reasons; in order to express Emotions such as:
• Fear
• Anger
• Pain
• Joy
• Love.
People want to get views, wishes and information across to others for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes this can be essential – even life saving in the case of a warning. It can be vital to make a person’s quality of life Better if they are communicating that they are in pain or it can be to make Emotional contact with others to express feelings.

People live and communicate within a range of different groups and Communities, including:
• Families
• Neighborhoods
• Workplaces
• Schools and colleges.
The nature of communication is very different dependent on the Circumstances. Some communications are personal and very intimate; these are usually with people to whom we are very close. Other communications are for a wider audience and are aimed at groups of people. Communication can be formal, such as in a courtroom setting, or informal, such as friends chatting.

2… Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting. Effective communication is a two-way process - sending the right message that is also being correctly received and understood by the other person/s. It is essential that there is good and effective communication taking place within the work setting. Daily tasks will only be successful with smooth transfers of information. In order for me to develop within my role, there must be effective communication between the children and myself. This will help keep positive morale and improve the quality of work. People that do not feel as if they have good communication with their carers may not be as efficient with their work. Effective communication skills are also needed to encourage staff and myself   to talk about what we are feeling, to say what we think or to express our needs, concerns, wishes or preferences. Positive verbal and non-verbal communication skills, such as being friendly, smiling and shaking hands when greeting parents and staff, are required on a daily basis. Effective communication can help promote and create a positive working environment. Without communication the world would be a lonely place and communication is particularly important in the work setting as it can affect the relationships you build.   Team communication is important as it is important to keep everyone in the group knowledgeable about what is going on within that group.   As I would be communicating with parents, colleagues, children and other professionals (i.e. health visitors, speech and language therapists, social workers, other schools, Police and other governing bodies) it is important that everybody is provided the information they need.

Communication is vital to establishing effective relationships in the work setting. It would allow you to expect support from your colleagues and to provide them with the necessary support in times of stress and difficulty.re and am there to support the children.

3… describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication.

Verbal communication:

Tone and pitch of your voice, does it suit the situation or topic? A louder more direct communication maybe required if trying to get the attention of a group of children to come back inside. However this would not be suitable in a situation whereby a child is upset say for example if they have wet themselves and are embarrassed, this would need a quieter and understanding tone to reassure them.

Use of language is important, when talking to children you need to keep things simpler than if you were talking to an adult, however if you talking to an adult using very simple instructions this may be deemed as patronizing. So it is...
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