English 121 Week 1 Discussion 1

Topics: Writing, Writers, Creative writing Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: March 12, 2012
How do you feel about writing Academic papers? If you have enjoyed writing in the past, what did you like about the process of writing? I do not have any problems writing academic papers. I enjoy writing the most when I am allowed to share my opinion, feelings and ideas. If you have not enjoyed writing why not?

When I am writing about topics that I am not very familiar with I can become discouraged or afraid of criticism from my instructor. From reading chapter 1 I learned that most writers feel the same way when they are first starting on writing. Did you have any of the misconceptions about writing discussed in chapter 1? I thought writers enjoyed writing but the truth is most are afraid when initially starting on a writing assignment. Although good writers have fears, they continue writing therefore acknowledging their fear and moving passed them. What did you learn in this chapter that you think might be helpful to you in writing papers at Ashford University? My written work is an example of myself. My instructor and online classmates will judge me based on my writing. I must therefore, choose my words wisely to create a good representation of myself. I was made aware of different resources that Ashford University offered to improve my writing skills and help me to overcome writer’s block, when trying to put my ideas into words. Some of these resources to assist me with my writing would include the teacher assistant, the writing center and the tutoring services. I also learned the differences between formal and informal writing. Informal writing is used when you are emailing or texting your friends. It is ok to use slang and abbreviations when writing informal. Formal writing would be writing consistent with college or legal documents. You use complete sentences and no slang when writing formal.
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