Health Care Graded Unit

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Rheumatoid arthritis, Abraham Maslow Pages: 3 (1149 words) Published: May 16, 2012
I am currently studying HNC Health Care and as part of my course I have to complete a graded unit, this will entail three stages; Planning, development and evaluation. This will be carried out while on placement within a hospital setting, within the planning stage I have to choose a patient and assist them with a nursing activity. I have chosen to follow Roper Logan and Tierney twelve activities of daily living the reason for this is that I find it to be the nursing model that is most effective as each activity has its own importance to the survival of life; also it follows the objectives of my graded unit. I have chosen the AL of eating and drinking as the patient I have chosen has severe Rheumatoid arthritis and has lost the use of her hands so she is unable to feed herself so my aim is to assist her whit this AL ”For a variety of reasons a patient may require assistance with the actual activity of eating and drinking, and this should be given graciously and with dexterity so that he will be protected from the needless embarrassment resulting from the lack of independence in this AL”(Roper Logan Tierney.p141). While I am assisting with this task I must remember to respect Mrs A’s dignity at all times. I consulted my mentor asking if it would be appropriate for me to assist Mrs A with her meals, she then came with me to gain consent from Mrs A I explained to her that I was a student and that whatever I wrote she would remain anonyms at all times (NMC Consent)which she had no objections to, She then told me a bit about her history but advised me that to gain a better understanding I would have to read her case notes which I did this gave me the relevant information regarding her needs and requirements, this could be such as dietary requirements in relation to culture or allergies also if there is a preference to where Mrs A would like to eat her meal, all these factors will help make it a more comfortable experience for Mrs A as a change in environment and...
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