Hnc Healthcare Graded Unit

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Providing a therapeutic activity for a patient in long term care

Health Care: Graded Unit 1
F0KF 34

March 2012
Introduction Page 3
Planning Stage Page 4-9
Development Stage Page 10-13

As part of my Higher National Certificate course in healthcare I am required to provide evidence of achieving the following principle aims in the form of a graded unit; * Knowledge, theory and practice in a variety of health care settings * A broad range of specialised vocational knowledge and skills, involving recent developments and specialisms * Have an individual patient focus in my practice

* Develop reflective practice
* Promote career progression and academic pathways for and within health care. The following project will focus on an activity which will benefit the patient in some way by incorporating the knowledge gained from all HNC units. After discussing the proposed subject matter with my class tutor and placement mentor (see Appendix 1 and 2) it was agreed the project will be a therapeutic activity, a manicure. I feel the patient will benefit from the one to one care and verbal stimuli I provide. To ensure the patients privacy and confidentiality is maintained throughout this project I will be referring to her as Rosa Linney (Data Protection Act 1998)

Planning Stage
Rosa Linney is an 86 year old dementia patient resident in a care of the elderly ward at a hospital in Fife. She has been receiving continuous care since admission twelve months ago, before which she lived at home with her retired husband. Prior to retirement Rosa worked as a nurse while her husband owned his own business, this evidently places them in the middle class of society. In the United Kingdom, the term ‘middle class’ implies those people who typically have had a good education, own a family house, and hold a managerial or professional post. One of the most commonly used indicators of socioeconomic status is income. It is believed that those with higher incomes are able to purchase better food, better housing, live in safer environments and have better access to healthcare. Rosa and her husband owned their own home and received a good joint income before leaving work. Both lived a healthy life as did their children and this could be due to their middle class back round.

Rosa came to ward 7 after being transferred from the accident and emergency department after a fall at home caused by blurred vision. After a number of tests were carried out it was found that she had ocular melanoma, otherwise known as cancer of the eye. Melanoma can develop in one of several places within the eye. Macmillan Cancer Support (2012) reveals that uveal melanoma is the most common type of ocular melanoma. This occurs along the uveal tract of the eye, which includes the choroid, ciliary body and iris. (See Diagram A). In Rosa’s case the cancer was found in the retina area. (Diagram A – Image adapted from

Ocular melanoma (melanoma of the eye) is an aggressive cancer. If it spreads to other parts of the body, it is generally lethal. This process is called ‘metastasis’ ( 2003). If ocular melanoma metastasizes to the liver, it generally does so within 15 years of the tumour first appearing in the eye. Once this metastasis has been diagnosed, life expectancy is typically 2-7 months. Only about 15% of patients live more than 12 months from diagnosis ( 2012) A number of different treatments are used for ocular melanoma depending on the size, cell type and position of the tumour, and other factors such as your general health, age and level of vision in both eyes ( 2011)....
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