Reflective Account of Group Work

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  • Published : September 17, 2012
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In this piece work I shall give an outline of our presentation, talk about my role in the presentation, what I have learnt from the exercise and use feedback both from tutor and peers to talk about the effectiveness of our presentation. The presentation was about how to care for a diabetic patient and our objective was to cut across learning outcomes 3,4&5 these were; the role of the nurse, communication skills and working in a diverse society. This topic was chosen because it was related to scenario one of module2 and by the end of the presentation more in depth knowledge would have been gained concerning caring for patients in that community. The L.Os are of much importance in the nursing practice as it prepares you to fit into the Nursing &Midwifery Council code. The NMC 2008 Code of Conduct in relation to the L.O state “you must share with people, in a way they can understand, information they want or need to know about their health”. “You must have the knowledge and skills for safe and effective practice when working without direct supervision” and “you must not discriminate in any way against those in your care”. Effective planning was one of the basic essential that contributed to the success of our presentation. We quickly met as a team to choose our topic, to lay down ground rules and delegate roles to the team members. Ground rules which took much of our time on our first meeting because of little bit disagreement, however it was worth it; because it is a standard practice to set fundamental rules about how team member will work together. The most important thing about ground rules is that they should be explicit and it should be agreed that they can be renegotiated as and when necessary (Rolfe et al.2001). Even though roles were delegated to individuals, it would have been better for each person to have chosen what they felt is more interesting to do as on our second meeting, roles were exchange in between members? West (1994, p.8) states...
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