Have the Hong Kong Tourist Communities and the Hksar Government, Which Form an Integral Part of the Destination Management, Implemented Events Into Their Marketing Strategy?

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The Research Question3


Objective of the research4

Literature Review5


Data and methodology6

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In the first half of 2012, there were some 760 000 overnight MICE visitor arrivals to Hong Kong, an increase of 4.8 per cent over the same period last year.(Tourism Fact Sheets, HKTB, 2012) The importance of events as an element of destination tourist offers is reflected in tourist, social and cultural functions. It is by means of tourist functions of events that many destinations widen the tourist market, attract tourists to destinations, build the destination image, promote the destination and stimulate the creation of economic benefits (Sherwood, Jago & Deery, 2005). With events, local culture, tradition and customs are celebrated, entertainment and recreation complement each other and cultural and social advancement is ensured. Events are an important motivator of tourism and they are very present in destination development plans and tourism development strategies (Hede, Jago & Deery, 2002). Motives for tourist arrivals in Hong Kong have been analyzed with the aim of strengthening the competitive advantage of Hong Kong as a tourist destination.

The Research Question
Although events were named as one of the leading motives for attracting tourists to the destination in the future tourism development plan, particularly stressing the development of cultural and sports events, the following questions impose: Have the Hong Kong tourist communities and the HKSAR government, which form an integral part of the destination management, implemented events into their marketing strategy?

Looking for the answers to the above questions is only one of this paper's goals, which are listed here below: ➢ to define destination management attitudes towards the importance of events for economic, social and environmental event impacts; ➢ to determine metric characteristics of the scales of economic, social and environmental impacts; ƒ ➢ to define the level of necessary managerial knowledge and skills pertinent to evaluation aspects of events; and to evaluate the number, type and period of event staging in HK as a tourist destination.

Objective of the research
By defining the management's views, their managerial knowledge and skills related to event evaluation, as well as by evaluation of the importance of events, the aim of this paper was to contribute to the event tourist offer development in the most developed tourist destination of Hong Kong.

Literature Review
The evaluation of the events' impacts is exceptionally important for sustainable destination management and can be carried out by means of monitoring of economic, non-economic, positive and negative impacts. There are more and more special events and festivals in tourist destinations' offers, but their adoption is primarily conditioned by strategic reasons, out of which the economic is the dominant one (Getz, 2007). Many authors emphasise the need to monitor social, cultural, environmental, political and personal impacts, which are neglected in researches, as opposed to the economic impacts (Bowdin, et. al. 2004). In the area of evaluation, use of Triple Bottom Line (TBL) reporting is encouraged in order to spread the focus from economic impact research (Hede, Jago & Deery, 2003) to the research of social and environmental event impacts (Fredline, Raybould & Jago, 2005), thus ensuring the sustainability of the event itself.

There are, however, an increased number of researches of the social impacts of events, whose main topics are visitors' perception and attitudes, social development and community pride. Taking into consideration the role of tourist organizations in the process of tourist destination management, which is possible to be compared to...
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