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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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1. Overall the women’s apparel industry is an outstanding business opportunity. It is an enormous industry that will only continue to grow with time. If the resources were available it would be a crime to not take advantage of this continually growing market. This market has seen a shift in price over the years. While the demand for cheaper athletic clothing has increased, the customer is still willing to pay a good deal of money for this active wear. For instance customers in this market will spend up to $100 on an athletic fitting hoodie. With all of this in mind I believe that Harrington is in prime position to take a swipe at this industry. Harrington is a well-respected company that has produced top of the line products since it was established. Their ability to enter the active wear female market would positively reflect upon the company. The Harrington Collection has the financial resources to enter this market, and in conclusion has no excuse to not exercise their marketing power in the female active wear market.

2.The trend toward more contemporary, athletic fashions leads to the rapid growth of the demand of fashion active-wear. Consumers are now seeking for more contemporary, “not just to gym” active-wear. The new trend active-wear should not be able to wear to anywhere with enough agility and design.

Moderate price, durable quality, stylish designs are important purchase criteria for buyers of active-wear. According to the results of surveys, high satisfaction rate reflects the importance of these criteria.

Harrington uncovered a potential market of aging consumers with brand loyalty. They are loyal with Harrington’s brand with the better, bridge or designer product lines; they also have interest in active-wear since some of them have no need in professional looks anymore due to the change of life cycle. Upscale active-wear might be attractive for these brand-loyal consumers.

3. Active-wear fits the Vigor division because the Vigor...
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