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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Module 3 Case

Promotion: Advertising, Selling, Publicity, and Internet/Mobile

Transitioning from television advertisements to online video is an opportunity to better address Old Navy's target market of the 25 to 35 year old male, based on the assumption that this demographic is more linked into online video and social media than other consumers engaged with television. The sea change in Old Navy's concept is trying to reach the identified target consumer directly, rather than through his girlfriend, wife, sister, or mother. Old Navy is assuming that social media and videos will reach the male consumer better and inspire him to buy more than cheesy television advertisements. Ultimately, they are trying a fresh approach to reach a new audience. Old Navy is working on defining the customer in order to better position its' product and gain more sales. In addition, the company has run qualitative research on their customers who show that more men are shopping for themselves, and more apt to buy multiple items upon finding something they like and are interested in.

It is confusing, however, that Ms. Curtis-McIntyre, senior -VP Marketing states that men have a "no-BS mentality to the way" they shop, yet the new Old Navy videos are full of nonsense. Ms. Curtis-McIntyre points out those men know what they want, what they like, and "when they find something that fits well and serves a purpose, they won't shop around." Yet, Old Navy seems to be going against this tactic by utilizing silly YouTube videos. Old Navy feels the need to engage in useless social media rather than following the lessons their research has shown. Truly understanding the customer is key to using market segmentation, and while Old Navy is making an effort to further segment and better address their target consumer directly, the company needs to realize that the "no-BS mentality" of clothes shopping is in...
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