Lululemon Market Research

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Marketing 111 – Major Project

5. The Target Consumer

Lululemon’s primary target customer is a sophisticated and educated woman who understands the importance of an active, healthy lifestyle. She is increasingly tasked with the dual responsibilities of career and family and is constantly challenged to balance her work, life and health. We believe she pursues exercise to achieve physical fitness and inner peace. As women have continued to embrace a variety of fitness and athletic activities, including yoga, we believe other athletic apparel companies are not effectively addressing their unique style, fit and performance needs. We believe we have been able to help address this void in the marketplace by incorporating style along with comfort and functionality into our products. Although we were founded to address the unique needs of women, we are also successfully designing products for men who also appreciate the technical rigor and premium quality of our products. We also believe longer-term growth in athletic participation will be reinforced as the aging Baby Boomer generation focuses more on longevity. In addition, we believe consumer purchase decisions are driven by both an actual need for functional products and a desire to create a particular lifestyle perception. As such, we believe the credibility and authenticity of our brand expands our potential market beyond just athletes to those who desire to lead an active, healthy, and balanced life.

The brand aims to appeal to the consumer that values a high quality of life, peace and self improvement. Most consumers that identify with their brand are yoga and sports lovers who value innovative sportswear without compromising great style or comfort. Their products support this lifestyle, therefore the typical psychographic profile of their guests are as follows: Lyfestyle:

Diet – Healthy diet containing lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and all required servings in the food groups. At least 8 glasses of water a day are important for a balanced diet. Hobbies: Engaged in both indoors and outdoors activities and adventures. Enjoys the peace and tranquility that yoga brings and enjoys the serenity of nature.

Leisure: Focus on health, family, and friends, working out and meeting new people.
As announced on the company’s website, there are currently over 100 Lululemon stores, distributed in 4 countries: Canada, the United States, Hong Kong and Australia. The first store was opened in Vancouver (Canada), in November 2000 – two years after the company’s establishment. Moreover Lululemon accounts for many dealers that distribute their products in countries such as Canada, United States, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and United Kingdom.

Product Benefits

Product Usage & Brand Loyalty
Lulemon guests want to use the brand again and page 38

6. Positioning

7. Marketing Mix

Physical and functional Characteristics
The Lululemon design team developed the famous Groove Pant by building fabrics that they believe helped advanced the product line and differentiate them from the competition.The components chosen to manufacture this item, define the Groove Pant as a must have article with characteristics such as stretch ability, capability to wick moisture and durability -Luon: included in more than half of Lululemon’s products, wicks away moisture, moves with the body and is designed to eliminate irritation -Silverescent: incorporates silver directly into the fabric to reduce odors as a result of the antibacterial properties of the silver in the fabric

-VitaSea : derived from a seaweed compound.

Packaging and Labelling
Brand Name and Image
Lululemon has an extraordinary brand with a loyal and growing following around the globe who have embraced our yoga inspired apparel and...
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