Hank Kolb, Director of Quality Assurance

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  • Published : September 14, 2010
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Facts of the Case:

• Hank Kolb, Director of Quality Assurance is attending a seminar that is given to quality managers of manufacturing plants by the corporate training department. • Hank Kolb is now looking forward to digging into the quality problems at this industrial product that plant employing 1,200 people. • The company lacks quality that needs more improvement to continue their operations. • Hank Kolb found problems regarding from personnel, plant maintenance, purchasing, product design and packaging, manufacturing manager, and from marketing. • Hank Kolb must find a way to stop the company’s quality problem and somehow improve it.

I. Viewpoint

• Hank Kolb, Director of Quality Assurance must look into the company’s quality problem and seek his knowledge to improve it.

II. Statement of the Problem

• What can Hank Kolb do to setting up a continuous improvement program and improve their quality performance on producing a zero-defected product?

III. Objectives

• Hank Kolb must find a way to stop the problem and continue on their operations. • Setting up of continuous improvement of their business processes.

IV. Areas of Consideration
(SWOT Analysis)

- The fundamental problem is management in general and senior management lacking the policies and visible support of a quality matters in particular. - There are still many other problems affiliated with quality control. - The lack of management assurance of quality was evident once a chain of actions was being done wrong. Such actions are putting schedule and market share above quality and safety, poor attitude about quality on behalf of the entire organization. – - They viewed quality as a secondary added value which was seen as an obstacle in doing their job....
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