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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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Background 
The Lima tire plant of Treadway Tire has an alarming problem. The turnover rate of their foreman is extremely high, which has a dramatic negative effect on morale. Foreman are the leaders of the plant, and who are primarily responsible of everything running smoothly.With such a high turnover rate of those in a leadership position, Treadway Tire, particularly at the Lima plant has no valid means of progress. Introduction 

The newly-transferred director of HR at this plant had her job cut out for her. She made it her top priority to reversing this trend and had to have an actionable plan in to her boss after the the annual Christmas break (within a month’s time). She knew that by solving these problems, she could make the plant the number one plant in the company for productivity and lowest cost.

The main problems are employee dissatisfaction, lack of training, morale, overworked employees, and communication were the biggest issues within the company. Foremen had too many responsibilities but not enough authority to deal with them. Lack of training. Most of the foreman had no college degrees and with very little guidance and no training program, it was asking for a failure.Long shifts (12 hours) may Focus more on cost effectiveness than on employee satisfactionRecommendations 

Opportunities 
I suggested implementing a training program to improve efficiency. To improve morale and job satisfaction, I suggested having monthly meetings and giving the workers a certain amount of autonomy. I suggested using a more personable approach to dealing with the workers. More authority to foreman. Involve Line Foreman in hiring and firing of employees
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