Brewster Seaview Landscaping Company

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Brewster-Seaview Landscaping Company OB Consultant Report
November 26, 2010

Brewster-Seaview is a private landscaping company that has hired the Team Green OB Consultants to analyze and provide possible solutions to their current organizational situation. Team Green has discovered various organizational problems within the company and will provide suggestions to allow the company to regain normal productivity levels and increase job satisfaction among others. In this report, we will discuss the problems and causes of such problems at Brewster-Seaview as well as strategies to improve team effectiveness and interpersonal communication. This will be followed by steps that Joe can take using the rational decision making model to resolve the issues in his company. Next, we will discuss sources of power, leadership, conflict, and change with recommendations to improve the limitations from each of these categories. MAJOR PROBLEMS & CAUSES

There are four major problems in this case; low productivity, low quality of work, poor customer service, and potential increase in employee turnover. The first two are examples of inefficiency while the last two are examples of ineffectiveness.

The causes that led to the team’s inefficiency include hygiene factors which lead to lack of motivation. The types of hygiene factors that led to lack of motivation include supervision and working conditions. A low emotional stability also led to a lack of motivation and low employee engagement. The lack of motivation is caused by ineffective leadership. There are many things that contribute to this such as poor relationships between workers and supervisors. The supervisors used a task-oriented leadership which has low concern for the team (Sniderman, Bulmash, Nelson, and Quick, 2010, 287). Moreover, the inexperienced supervisors and their lack of expert power also led to ineffective leadership.

The causes that have led to the team’s ineffectiveness include ineffective communication and a decrease in job satisfaction. Furthermore, dysfunctional conflict led to information being withheld, and a lack of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation (Sniderman et al, 319). There is also no upward communication from the workers to the supervisors and thus no supportive communication which leads to ineffective communication. The supervisors spent a lot of time talking to each other and not enough time talking to the workers. Ineffective leadership can also lead to ineffective communication (286). Some of the factors that led to ineffective leadership include a lack of team cohesiveness, blocking roles and a lack of expert power. Since the new supervisors are not very experienced in the field, they act as blockers by preventing the team to be effective. Refer to Appendixes A and B for the full causal diagrams. SUGESSTIONS & STRATEGIES

After analyzing the case, it is suggested that Joe and the supervisors should try and reengineer the work environment from the previous year. This is because during the previous year they had more freedom in communication. To improve their interpersonal communication; they must overcome the barriers to communication (Sniderman et al, 154). As they overcome the communication barriers, the supervisors need to be careful about the way they speak to their employees. They should monitor their use of “I” and “You” language. The supervisors should not be speaking like this because employees are given a negative impression on their performance. To put this strategy into effect, the supervisors need to actively listen to the employees’ feedback and should also provide them freedom in communication (160). It is safe to assume that this strategy will work because compared to the previous year their performance was much lower the following year.

Team effectiveness consists of many factors, two such factors which were impaired in the case are job satisfaction and customer satisfaction. A strategy to improve...
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