Implementing Quality Improvement at Riordan Manufacturing

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  • Published: March 14, 2010
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Implement Quality Improvement at Riordan Manufacturing
Continual improvements are essential for businesses to attain a competitive advantage in their industry and remain profitable. Riordan Manufacturing must apply Total Quality Management (TQM) to their organizational processes to eliminate waste, reduce costs, increase productivity, and focus on customer satisfaction. This paper identifies an improvement plan by outlining the steps of Riordan Manufacturing’s developed quality management process and required actions. The quality team defines variation in relationship to the selected process and explains how decreasing variation is integral to TQM. The team examines quality tools for identifying and monitoring process variability and provides examples. An explanation of Riordan Manufacturing’s selected TQM model or methodology for this improvement plan and why it is appropriate takes place, along with detailing and summarizing these formations. Quality Management Process

Riordan Manufacturing must implement a quality improvement process to reduce turnover rates, costs, errors, and scrap and rework, along with increase productivity and efficiency. Team B proposes to install a CMM (Coordinate- Measuring Machine) to the already linked information technology (IT) computer system Riordan has set up. The following 10 steps outline the TQM process and implementation plan to accomplish this: 1.Obtain CEO Commitment

Riordan Manufacturing established an organizational structure that appoints various levels of management to carry out and control its strategic goals, mission, vision, and quality statements, and short-term and long-term objectives. This structure arranges the top-down relations between executive management and various departments throughout the organization. The top key positions that head the hierarchical structure are the president & CEO, SVP of Research and Development, and the Chief Operating Officer. They should create a quality culture...
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