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National Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering & Technology

Our Real-Time Solution
Darshankumar C. Dalwadi
Asst. Prof., Electronics and Telecommunication B.V.M. Engineering College V.V.Nagar , Anand , India Abstract—GSM network is widely used today whether it is for calling or SMS. Also some of the places needs urgent notices like in college, railway stations share-market , and this notice should be in real-time , so we need a real-time notice. This project is our experiment to give a start to the era of real-time noticing. This project is about writing the message which is to be displayed in mobile and send it as SMS to other side. This received message is fetched into Microcontroller and after authentication it is displayed on LCD screen. Also by interfacing a voice data recording IC with Microcontroller we can also do announcements in real-time.

Ninad Trivedi , Amit Kasundra
Electronics and Telecommunication B.V.M. Engineering College V.V.Nagar , Anand , India and Fig 2 of Appendix A , Also we have decided to further connect APR IC for voice data recording , for announcements done simultaneously with the notice II. BLOCK DIAGRAM



This project is aimed at developing a system that will display the message received by the cell or a modem. Microcontroller then will control the system by doing authentication and AT commands. And the messages that is been displayed depends upon the LCD type used, that is if we use graphical LCD we can even display the images with interfacing it with ATmega32. This system is easy, robust to use in normal life by any-one at any place. This paper consists of basic introduction, block diagram, software used and many more details on this project We propose a mobile-based notice board system that consists of a MOTOROLLA C-168 cell phone, and a microcontroller. The notice is been displayed by the microcontroller, which operates according to the user commands received from the mobile phone via MOTOROLLA C-168 cell phone. In our project system is built upon an SMS (short message service) mobile cell module and a microcontroller, allowing a user to display real-time messages. This report presents the design and implementation of MOTOROLLA C-168 AT modem using AT commands and I2C Serial protocol. Microcontroller used in our project uses AT commands to monitor MOTOROLLA C-168 mobile. It receives incoming message, manipulate it and take appropriate actions. It also informs the user via creating the SMS that contains information about actions which is to be performed and sending it to the MOTOROLLA C-168 mobile via the serial port. For the first step , we designed one circuit to connect mobile to PC and we created a communication link via HYPERTERMINAL . For circuit and hyperterminal see Fig. 1

A. Cell Phone ( as GSM modem ) For this type of application we needed the GSM cell phone which supports AT commands. After many searches we found out that Motorola C168 is the only mobile which supports each and every AT command. For serial communication we have used 2.5mm jack cable with the jack provided in mobile. This cable is shown in Fig.3 of Appendix A. B. ATmega32 ( microcontroller ) We decided to go with ATmega32 rather than with conventional AT89S52 because of many advantages like more ROM , RAM , in-built ADC , DAC and also it have sleeping mode for better power consumption..

13-14 May 2011

B.V.M. Engineering College, V.V.Nagar,Gujarat,India

National Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering & Technology III. BASIC EXPLANATION B. Software For more efficient and hasty programming we went for bascomAVR which is specially for AVRs like ATmega32.It is because it have the in-built functions for LCDs , UARTs etc. so and also by simulation we can check our output on virtual LCD. Also by direct connection out AVR we can burn the program from bascomAVR only. Here I provide a basic starting of a...
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