Writing a Program on Window Environment

Topics: Intel 8086, X86, Computer architecture Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: December 9, 2012
1. To let student get skills in writing a Program on Window Environment, Cross Assembled and upload the program to an Intel trainer board. 2. Use the Terminal Commands to:

a. Examine the contents of memory
b. Modify the contents of memory
c. Execute an object program
Assembly Language Programming
The students need to have knowledge about addressing modes, data movement instructions and arithmethic & logic instructions. Emu8086 IDE
Read the emu8086 operating guide or help file to understand anything and everything about the IDE. PRE-LAB:
1. Draw the flowchart based on the given task.
2. Explain what the programs do.

Write a program, starting at location $00001000, which will add together the long word at location $00002100, the word at location $00002110 and the byte at location $00002120. The result should then be saved in location $00002130. TASK 2:

By using the above written program. Load location $00002100 with the value $02D51B27, location $00002110 with the value $4EFB and location $00002120 with the value $2C. Run your program and examine the contents of location $00002130. TASK 3:

Write a program using indirect and other addressing modes which will add the value 1234 to the word at memory location $00003030. The contents of location $00003032 should then be substracted and the final result saved in location $00003034. 2

Load location $00003030 with $0E29 and location $00003032 with $184C. Run your program and examine the contents of memory location $00003034. Enter the word which you find in this location. REFERENCES:

1. Walter A. T. , Avtar S.2002. The 8088 and 8086 Microprocessors: Programming, Interfacing, Software, Hardware and Applications (4th Edition). Prentice Hall. 2. Brey B.B. 2008. Intel Microprocessors, The (8th Edition). Prentice Hall. 3. Mazidi M. A. , Mazidi J. , Causey D. 2009. The x86 PC: Assembly Language, Design, and Interfacing,(5th Edition)....
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