Gsm Based Dot Matrix Notice Board

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These are the days of high tech communication saving time and energy. Now a days in so many fields Dot Matrix Display is used to display their messages for example, in bank they used for display the interest on Loans etc. In bus to display the destination of that bus, in Railway Station to give the information about Arrival and departure of train and which platform train will come. Most popularly this Dot Matrix Display is used in stadiums to display the scores of the games like Cricket, Foot Ball, Hockey, Basket Ball, Tennis and Also in athletics to display the participants name, country name and ranking of participant etc.. in college Instead of writing or pasting the printouts, notices can be displayed using mobile phone on the display Systems with much clarity by the person who wants to send the notice. In this project the person who wants display the notice can be save the notice in the Computer which will be displayed on the display located in Their college.

Implementation Details:

The project involves the study of microcontroller as well as coming up with peripherals for the objective mentioned above. The implementation is clearly depicted with a block diagram below:


Block Diagram:

Hardware List:

|Hardware |Quantity | |ATMega328(GP Board) |1 | |Gsm |1 | |16x16 LED matrix |4 | |Matrix mux driver |1 | |Mobile phone |1...
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