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Communication is the exchange of ideas from one person to another. It consists of the sender transmitting an idea, information or a feeling to a receiver (as defined by the U.S. Army, 1983. To be effective the communication can only be said to have worked if the receiver has complete understanding of the exact information that the sender intended to transmit.

Communication needs

In my workplace I often have the need to communicate to my team and will sometimes use written communication via email to do this. To achieve this effectively I will formulate my ideas (as per the image below, I become the source), trying to ensure that I have used appropriate language to convey the message, ensure the message is succinct and does not contain ambiguity or superfluous information (these are some of the encoding implications). The message also needs to contain the correct information to enable the receiver to deliver the desired outcome (this is also a good way to ensure the message has been understood). Once I have ensured that I have the correct content to deliver the message, I will check that I have selected the correct recipients for the message (in this case my immediate reports).

Once the email has been written and the recipients chosen, I will edit the message and ensure I have achieved all my aims in the content of the message. On occasion it may be appropriate to alter the tome of the writing (formal – informal) to aid the delivery, especially as this will be a non-verbal way of communicating. The message will them be sent via email to the recipients. (This is the action part of the above image). The recipients will receive this message when they are next at their computer and decode the message. The process of decoding the message will be open to may inferences and some of these are discussed below. We can add another step to this process in that for most communication in the business world we are expecting a response to be received in some way, either a confirmation that the message has been received or a direct action in response to the message. In the example I have chosen, I will be expecting a weekly response from each member of the team.

The process in detail:


The sender was myself and the message that I wanted to deliver is that I am concerned that I am not being made aware of tall the team’s workload as many of the consultants pass work directly to the team and also I have 3 team members who carry out a split role and I am unaware of how their time is being split between their responsibilities. The information is required to enable me to formulate a growth plan for the team in order that I can prepare a report for my line manger that can input into the company’s business plan for the short and long term.


I chose to use email for this communication as it will be a good way of sending the same message to multiple recipients and is the preferred method of communication in our workplace for messages to multiple recipients in multiple locations. Email has an advantage over paper based communication as it can be readily retained and referred to and can be delivered to many persons not being dependent on if they are available to read it as it will be available to them to read at their convenience. This can also be a good medium to use as you have the extra functionality of email to track whether the messages have been received and read by the recipient.


This is the content of the email:


I am aware that there is a lot of work that comes to us all direct from Consultants and this is fine, except that I am unaware of the true workload of the team when this happens. Please can you all send to me weekly (on a Monday for the previous week) a tally of what has been done for Admin and what time has been spent on other duties with a brief description? This will enable me to assess how much we are...
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