Electronic Message Board Using Led Monitor Display

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In university, the use of the electronic message board has become more widespread, replacing the poster and white board in communicating important messages and notices to the students. The Electronic message board also compliments existing wall LED televisions, which are more likely to be showing normal TV or video rather than communicating information. Throughout the university campus, the message board LED monitor display is recognized as a sign, designed specifically to get across messages and information with simplicity and impact. The text is bold, clear and easily read by students on all Lobby sign displays, to the extent that even the most disinterested eye is drawn to its notices.

The electronic message board is wall mounted digital signs using LED monitor technology have been introduced to communicate enrollment information, student notices, important messages, and also includes announcements about upcoming events, reminders about issues concerning the students, notice about school organization meetings and a whole lot more of things that is of public interest. The electronic message board monitor display notices and announcements are supported by images and video clips. The portrait design of message notice board screens enhances visual communications in virtually any university environment, and ensures that students get essential information.

With conventional signage, the person in charge of putting the notice always has to worry about having enough letters to spell out their message or about losing letters to vandals once the sign is in place. With an electronic message board, that is no longer a concern. In addition, because the message is generated through software, an electronic message board is easier to modify there are variable controls in which you can easily manipulate the size and font of its lettering, the duration of each message and the interval between messages. The main...
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