Wireless Led Display Board Using Gsm

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  • Published: March 7, 2013
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Wireless LED Display Board Using GSM
Kamal parmar
Kamal parmar, M-tech in embedded system, Ganpat university,Ahmedabad. kamal.parmar4@gmail.com

Abstract— LED's are a fantastic way to illuminate any kind of sign, be it lettering or panels.LED Dot-Matrix Displays are a common sight now a day on streets, malls, Buildings, parks and other public places. It is a way of visual information where large LCD and other display become too much expensive. My project is based on the wireless LED board . GSM and GPRS based Designs are Public utility products for mass communication. This is a Scrolling (Moving) Message Electronic Display Board which displays the messages received as SMS.This project provides an efficient for a when we change any notice which it’s displaying on board. It’s very easy and we can change our notice from anywhere. A LED Display Board Indoor Advertising Display can be used by companies to advertise even in bright day-light conditions. The display board displays any character send from the mobile which is interfaced using GSM to a microcontroller that initializes the led driver. The advantage of this project is that size of the display board can be increased row wise and column wise without making any changes in the circuitry since display board is the repetition of a small independent module.

This project is aimed at developing a system that will display the message received by the cell or a modem. Microcontroller then will control the system by doing authentication and AT commands. And the messages that is been displayed LED display with interfacing it with AT89c51. This system is easy, robust to use in normal life by any-one at any place. This paper consists of basic introduction, block diagram, software used and many more details on this project. We propose a mobile-based notice board system that consists of a GSM SIM 300, and a microcontroller. The notice is been...
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