M1 Different Types of Business Information, Their Sources and Purposes

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Verbal communication is very effective when having an interview whether that is face to face or over the telephone. While it is face to face the person in the interview can use their body language as well as talking to convey their point across. If it is on the telephone the employer can see how well you can hold yourself on the phones. I do not believe the interview process can be handled by any other types of communication. The source for an interview at the Blackpool and Fylde College can be both internal and external as it could be an interview for a course or an interview for a job therefore these sources are appropriate for this situation.

Written communications is effective when you need to send an e-mail to a course tutor about the required work. If you are away from the college or not having the tutor’s lesson for a while then the use of e-mails is the most effective way to receive information, however if you are in college and you know the tutor is in college at the same time then you can ask them verbally – face to face. The source for the e-mail at the Blackpool and Fylde College in internal as it handles matters about college courses. Onscreen communications can be effective when giving out updated information because it is a static screen such as Tele text or background screen information; so you are able to read it without having to stop and wait for it to come back on. I believe this is the most efficient way of updating everyone on the events or new equipment being used. The source of this communication is internal as it handles what is going on in the college.

Multi-media communications are most effective for giving out information on the college as it uses different types of media put into one such as a radio or T.V. advert. On these adverts there is information on the courses that the college provide as well as the college restaurant. This type of communication is best when advertising as it will catch someone’s eye whether...
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