The Dangers of Modern Communication Technology

Topics: Cancer, Mobile phone, Radio Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Maesa Shiqwara
Ms. Arrigal

Why the cell phone is dangerous?

Communication in the old days was by telefax, letters, or telephone. It was not as dangerous as today’s technology. Today the communication gets more risky and dangerous for everyone who uses it incorrectly.

There are many studies showing that the cell phone is harmful to the students, especially when they have it too close to their body. The cell phone manual tells us that it is supposed to be far from our bodies by 2/3’s of an inch. For instance, radiation can be transmitted to your brain by the cell phone. The skull of a young child is thinner than an average adult’s skull. Therefore, it absorbs radiation quicker. The companies write a warning in small print about how far you should keep your cell phone away from your body. Not everybody knows that if the cell phone is too close to your body you are putting yourself in danger of getting hip or breast cancer, or even brain tumors. If we are not careful about where we put our cell phones, there will be consequences to our bodies. It is very important that we scan through our manuals for any risks we might be taking.

Today the communication gets more risky and dangerous for everyone who uses it incorrectly. The main point in this essay are the risks that cell phones can give us, how they can harm us, and how we can keep from having a cell phone harm ourselves. Educate yourself by reading the manual for any electronic device you are going to use.
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